Privacy Policy

We collect your IP address, approximate geographical location, what page you arrived from and the pages you visited while you are on our site. This data is used for internal analysis, e.g. the next language to translate into. This data is kept for a limited time and then deleted. This is nothing new. Any website you visit will collect this data about you in their logs automatically.

We use cookies to track your progress through the site. We store your language preferences and whether or not and what you ordered from us. Cookies are set to expire after some time but if you want you can delete them yourself after you have visited our site.

If you order materials your e-mail address will be on file with us. However, we never store which email address order what or if an email address ordered at all. Since an email address can be personally identifiable, make sure to use an email address that can’t be traced to you, if you are concerned about this.

No personally identifiable data is ever shared with anyone or sold to anyone. However, there are still some risk which we cannot fully eliminate:

Firstly we can be forced by a courts to turn over any data we have or our hard drives could be seized by supena.

Secondly there is malicious intrusions. We cannot guarantee that our servers will not be hacked. We take every reasonable precaution to prevent that from happening but there is no such thing as 100% security.

Thirdly, should you decide to donate to our cause there is no way from our side that we can conceal your identity from authorities, courts and similar bodies.

Lastly by using our services you fully agree, that should you attempt to abuse this system or act in any way that is intended to shut us down, you have no claim to any privacy whatsoever. Any data that pertain to your actions will be shared with your ISP, with pertinent authorities anywhere, and with the entire world as well. The decision whether your actions are constituting abuse or whether they were intended to shut us down is entirely under our discretion. In fact, attempting to abuse this system constitutes your implicit agreement to us publishing all your personal data as we deem fit.